Green Envy On Ma Nails

I was dying to try out the new polishes I got last week (read more here), so I didn’t wait long before I applied the Fresh Frog of Bel Air from the Muppets collection by OPI. Continue reading


You’ve Got Nail

My better half and I celebrated four years of awesomeness last week. What did I get? Polish! I was over the top when I saw the little shop full of OPI located in the heart of beautiful Copenhagen. I hadn’t been there before even though I know my way around the polish world in Copenhagen.

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Compliments from Bulgaria

My dad’s employee and his wife went on a vacation trip to Bulgaria a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday when I came home I saw two polishes sitting on my desk waiting for me. I would never have expected them to bring me something back. But they did! And they brought back polishes! I guess my love for nail polish is slowly starting to spread 😀

I’m really excited to try these one on. The red one is really beautiful in the bottle – doesn’t show that nicely in the picture though. I hope it turns out nice on the nails too. Excitement!


Min fars ansatte og hans kone tog på ferie til Bulgarien for nogle uger siden. I går da jeg kom hjem, så jeg så to lakker sidde på mit bord og vente på mig. Jeg havde ikke i min vildeste fantasi troet at jeg ville få noget med hjem fra Bulgarien, men det gjorde jeg! Og endda neglelak! Tak for det! Det ser ud til at min kærlighed for neglelak så småt er ved at sprede sig 😀

Jeg er meget spændt på at se hvordan de her to ser ud på mine negle. Den røde er rigtig fin. Man kan dog ikke se nuancen helt så godt på billedet. Håber det kan ses på neglene. Er spændt!

Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

Alright. As promised here comes a review of THE awesomest product of 2012 so far. I am so phyched out about this one that I tell everyone I see about it.
I bought it for cheap money. Only 70 DKK, which is a bit less than 10€ and a bit over 10$. I really do not think my money could have been more well spent than on this product. You might think that 70 DKK is a lot for nail polish remover, as you can get them cheaper in supermarkets or in mainstream stores, but the time and effort you save on this one is worth every single penny (or øre, as they are called in Danish). Continue reading