Oooh Olga!

I just looked back at my blogging history and my last post was in… January! I can’t believe it’s been so long.

The blog was always on my mind, but somehow I just didn’t feel like posting anything. I think it might have to do with the fact that my life has completely changed over the past months.

I graduated. I still feel very much in love. Very. I got engaged. I got a job – a dream job even. I had a great summer – heck, I had a great year so far! I have a stash that has grown tremendously. I still love my fingertips. I had new people in my life. I had old people leaving. I have had old people staying in my life making it as awesome as ever. I had lots of chocolate. Lots! I have had cake. Delicious ones! I have travelled quite a bit. I have learned Pythagoras’ sentence in Spanish. I have spent time with family. I have read books. I have painted. I have… swum? Is that ‘swim’ in past tense? I have enjoyed the sun. I have met awesome colleagues at my awesome workplace. And… I am running out of I’s.

To conclude. I’ve had a wonderful time while being away from the blog. And I promise, so have my fingertips. A bit neglected in the Turkish summer and saltwater yet still enjoying the shizz out of themselves!

Now I’m back. And it feels weird. But I think I need to get back here. Life’s starting to get serious again and where to turn to when that happens? My precious corner of the Internet.
Like last time… no promises. I might blog daily. I might blog weekly… I might not blog for 35 days, but I’m here. And so is the Facebook account. Watched the whole thing and laughed crazy hard. Then I watched it again. Ha!

For now… Ooooh Olga!