A couple of weeks ago I did this awesome manicure for a team building day with my work colleagues. It was a day full of great fun, one task of the day being creating a 3 minutes long film explaining what it is we do in our department. 3 hours! That was how long we had to shoot, edit and finish up the movie. Loads of fun, but a bit stressy too, I must admit.

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You’ve Got Nail

My better half and I celebrated four years of awesomeness last week. What did I get? Polish! I was over the top when I saw the little shop full of OPI located in the heart of beautiful Copenhagen. I hadn’t been there before even though I know my way around the polish world in Copenhagen.

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It Wasn’t Me

They just fell into my lap!

I didn’t do anything.
I didn’t fall in love in the store.
I didn’t take out my purse and pay for them.
I didn’t smilingly put them in my bag.
I didn’t full of excitement bike home like a maniac to try them on.

They were just sitting there on my desk begging to be tried on. So I did do that. I tried them on. Sigh. Continue reading