Wanted: Daylight!

I haven’t been posting for quite a while for two reasons. Limited time on my hands and… missing daylight!

The downside of living in Scandinavia in the winter months are that you more or less live in darkness. When I wake up and go to work or to uni it is dark outside, so I can’t take pictures in the morning anymore like I used to do. When I get back home in the evening it is dark (already around 4pm!). So it is the lack of daylight that is to be blamed for my silence :-/ Artificial light is just not doing the trick for me.

I’ve been watching videos on how to build my own lightbox and it seems to be really easy. I just haven’t had the time to get around it and I foresee that I won’t have that kind of time anytime in the nearest future. So until then you will be stuck with bottle pictures and jewelry pictures now and then.

Any good ideas about or experiences about lightboxes are highly appreciated!

PS: Btw, you can follow me and The Fingertip Factory on Instagram now. I’m called deryatff! Every new follow makes me smile 🙂