Green Envy On Ma Nails

I was dying to try out the new polishes I got last week (read more here), so I didn’t wait long before I applied the Fresh Frog of Bel Air from the Muppets collection by OPI. Continue reading


Bling Bling on my Feet

Yesterday was such a nice day.

It was a very productive thesis-day, but at the same time also very cozy. Lots of writing and lots of transcribing. Sigh. How I hate those transcribing days.

As a small reward I bought these babies:

179 DKK in H&M. Aren’t they just beautiful? I wanted to buy them in black, but they were sold out. I wasn’t sure if I liked this colour until I put them on. And bang! Magic! They look so nice on my feet. YAY!
I was a bit afraid that the bling would look too much on my feet, but the bling to foot ratio seems to be just about the right. Continue reading