Some of you might recognize the mess I received in my mail box some months ago. If not, here’s a photo to refresh your memory:

That was 19th of June.

I received a replacement for my order at in October O.o Yes, you read it correctly. October!

4 months after I had been in contact with customer service several times and numerous excuses later they finally decided to send me some new polishes. I was happy when I saw the package in my post box, but when I opened it and saw that they had given me two of the same colours and that two of the lids on the polishes had cracks. I was furious. I had been waiting for these polishes for almost 4 months – and the money had been transferred long ago – and still I did not receive my products.

I wrote customer service a very angry e-mail and told them that this kind of customer “service” was unacceptable and that I was a very unsatisfied customer. That has been a month now. No answer.

I got my product and I’ve learned my lesson: never to buy anything from again!

That being said…. I looove these polishes! They are so easy to apply and the colours are just yummy. Swatches will be up as soon as my nails grow a bit longer and my cuticles get nicer (they’ve suffered a lot from stress lately).

Kongsøre of Denmark turned out to be a really nice brand! You can shop them here. All polishes are smooth cremes and the application is really easy. All polishes need one or two coats. No more. I love their opaqueness!


Nogle af jer husker måske da jeg modtog ovenstående i min postkasse i sommers. Det var neglelak jeg havde bestilt gennem et Downtown tilbud. Lakkerne skulle leveres af, men blev altså lagt i min postkasse i den tilstand der ses på billedet foroven. Jeg tænkte, at det var en menneskelig fejl og ringede straks til dem og blevet lovet nogle nye lakker med det samme. Der gik 4 (FIRE!) måneder før jeg endelig modtog nogle nye lakker. Jeg havde været i kontakt med kunderservice utallige gange, hvor jeg konstant blev lovet, at NU ville de sende lakkerne. Da jeg så endelig modtog pakken efter fire måneder, var der lagt to af de samme farver i, plus at to af lågene på lakkerne var flækkede.

Jeg blev mildest talt rasende på og skrev hurtigt en sur mail, om at det var uacceptabelt at behandle deres kunder som de havde gjort og at jeg var en meget utilfreds kunde. Den mail blev send for en måned siden. Jeg har endnu ikke hørt fra dem.

Jeg fik mine lakker i sidste ende og jeg er helt vild med dem, men jeg er slet og ret meget utilfreds med alt hos Kedeligt altså!


Package MIA

Last week I finally received my lost package from!

It had been on its way for almost 2 months, but the customer service staff at the site has been handling the case very nicely. They answered my enquiries within a couple of hours, which made it a lot easier to get the issue solved.  The package was declared as missing and it took some time before the Danish Post Service handled the case, but the important thing is… I got it!  Continue reading

Angel <3

Some of you might have been wondering what has happened to me lately, since I have been awfully quiet for the past months.

Well… a lot has happened in my life lately. Good and bad.

The good part is that I have been progressing a lot on my thesis. I even had a high-five moment with my thesis supervisor. That’s how well it has been going.

Unfortunately, when I was at the highest level of excitement I got some terrible news from my family in Turkey. My grandmother had been sick for quite a while, yet her death shocked us all. It has been a very difficult time for my family and for me. The past years I had built up a beautiful and tight relationship to my grandmother, which is why her passing away has hit me even harder. I have had some weeks to process all the mixed feelings inside me and right now I think I am in an in-between stage, where I can live an almost normal life, but with sudden walks down Memory Lane, that brings up tears and lip-trembling. I think this stage will last long.

This meant that I postponed the handing in of my thesis till around Christmas time. I have simply not been able to focus and concentrate on the project. I feel good about this decision, as it would have been awful to try finishing up under the circumstances of current events.

Sometimes we forget that while we grow older ourselves our elders grow old as well. This is how I felt when I got the news.

I know nobody who did not love you – may your beautiful soul rest in peace, dear grandma.

Greetings from Thailand

Remember my friend Sara Maria, who got married last month (see post here)? She finally came back from her honeymoon in Thailand, and guess what! She brought me back two gorgeous polishes.

My reaction was “whiiiiiiiine”. Her reaction was “you’re so easy to excite!” I know! 😀 I’m easy to please – just bring me a bottle or two and you’ll see me turning into one big smiley.

No, honestly it is the gesture that excites me. That it is nail polish is just the icing on the cake!  Thank you Sara and thank you Thailand.  Continue reading

My Essence Ruby

Okay, something is wrong with me. Whenever I get sick (which has been pretty often lately) I get creative and my mind blows up with ideas. Too bad it isn’t always that I go through with the ideas, cause, let’s face it, I am sick and should be resting. But! Fear not… this time I totally nailed it! It’s even prettier than inside my head.

Let me introduce to you the newest member of my jewelry collection: Miss Essence Ruby.

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Blinging Up My Sunday

Today the weather is very autumn-y here in Copenhagen. Very! It’s grey, it’s windy and it’s chilly. I guess the 4 weeks of Danish summer is over.

But! It is the perfect thesis weather. So that is what I will probably be doing all day.

To cheer me up I blinged up my manicure from yesterday with Essence ‘s Make It Golden that I received last week from an Australian friend. Underneath is OPI Up Front & Personal.

I found it extremely difficult to catch the golden light. No matter what I did I don’t think the pictures justify the beauty of this golden beauty.

That’s all I want to say. Let the pictures speak for themselves.

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From an Australian Friend

I have been away from blogging for quite some time now. For several reasons. Mostly because I have been busy with my thesis and a re-take exam I had to hand in last week, but also I have been quite under the weather for now 8 days. I’m better now, but nail polish has been as far away from me as possible, because the smell made me feel really bad.

I have a lot of posts coming for you soon. Pictures are ready, but finding time for writing and reviewing is a bit more difficult.

Anyways.. I think I already waited too long with this particular post. This one makes me so happy!

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