You’ve Got Nail

My better half and I celebrated four years of awesomeness last week. What did I get? Polish! I was over the top when I saw the little shop full of OPI located in the heart of beautiful Copenhagen. I hadn’t been there before even though I know my way around the polish world in Copenhagen.

I’ve been wanting more green shades for my stash, so that’s what I got. The lady in the store was SO helpful and told me small stories about the different collections, etc. The atmosphere was so nice. When I told her I was a nail polish blogger she wrote down my phone number and promised to call me when it was time to change their racks out with new ones from OPI. Then I would get the old ones! For a moment there I felt the whole experience was the best about this present, until I took my babies home and drooled!

If you’re ever in Copenhagen, please do visit Beaute, where the service was incredible and the smiles of the personnel so contagious. It’s located at a side street to the shopping street Strøget in the heart of Cph. Skoubogade 4  1158 København K, to be exact.

Here’s my goodies. I’m going back soon to get the last ones too. Oh the excitement!

Above is Fresh Frog of Bel Air from the Muppets collection 

Above is Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous 

I got the OPI Rapid Dry for free because I got the two polishes. Looking forward to see if it works. 

I also got the OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner 

The experience and the polishes and the extra gifts were all very nice, but I must admit that the gesture of my bf was the best of it all. I think I’m crazy when it comes to polish. I am crazy when it comes to polish. I’ve only been at it for around half a year, but it has been a big part of my 182,5 days. The fact that I have someone so close to me understanding and supporting my madness is making me extremely happy – and reassures me that… yup… it’s the right one 🙂 Just to be clear… the polish is, of course, only a minor part of it all!

Swatches and reviews will be up when I’ve tested out these awesomies


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