One Nubar, Two Nubars, Three Nubars, Four Nubars…

So I finally got myself a Nubar or two… or ten.

I’ve been wanting to try this incredibly nice brand out for long, but being on the buying-streek I am in, I was waiting for a sale. helped me out! (keep reading)

I’ve tried some of them already and I am very impressed. My lack of daylight has not allowed me to swatch these nicely, but I hope that I can make up for it soon. For now you can drool over the cute bottles that I shot about a month ago when I received these beauties.

Above you see from left to right: Hyacinth Sparkles, Toasted Marshmallow, Lemon and Cherry. Not that creative names, I must admit. I guess no one beats OPI when it comes to naming polishes.

Above from left to right you see: Golden Veil, Navy Blue, Vogue Vert, Gold Glitter, Silver Sword and Erratic Purple.

I got annoyed at the two ones below, because they did not look a like on the website, but are almost similar in the bottles. I hope they can surprise me on the nails.

Just look at them, they look so much alike. One is slightly greener and the other one slightly golder but… c’mon! Can you see which is which?

This one though… it’s already making me drooling! My heart beats for purple and shimmer, so this one is just perfect!

Enjoy the haul with my atm fave band, Mumford & Sons, whom I’ll btw get to meet at their concert here in Copenhagen in April 2013. Yay!


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