Angel <3

Some of you might have been wondering what has happened to me lately, since I have been awfully quiet for the past months.

Well… a lot has happened in my life lately. Good and bad.

The good part is that I have been progressing a lot on my thesis. I even had a high-five moment with my thesis supervisor. That’s how well it has been going.

Unfortunately, when I was at the highest level of excitement I got some terrible news from my family in Turkey. My grandmother had been sick for quite a while, yet her death shocked us all. It has been a very difficult time for my family and for me. The past years I had built up a beautiful and tight relationship to my grandmother, which is why her passing away has hit me even harder. I have had some weeks to process all the mixed feelings inside me and right now I think I am in an in-between stage, where I can live an almost normal life, but with sudden walks down Memory Lane, that brings up tears and lip-trembling. I think this stage will last long.

This meant that I postponed the handing in of my thesis till around Christmas time. I have simply not been able to focus and concentrate on the project. I feel good about this decision, as it would have been awful to try finishing up under the circumstances of current events.

Sometimes we forget that while we grow older ourselves our elders grow old as well. This is how I felt when I got the news.

I know nobody who did not love you – may your beautiful soul rest in peace, dear grandma.


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