Greetings from Thailand

Remember my friend Sara Maria, who got married last month (see post here)? She finally came back from her honeymoon in Thailand, and guess what! She brought me back two gorgeous polishes.

My reaction was “whiiiiiiiine”. Her reaction was “you’re so easy to excite!” I know! 😀 I’m easy to please – just bring me a bottle or two and you’ll see me turning into one big smiley.

No, honestly it is the gesture that excites me. That it is nail polish is just the icing on the cake!  Thank you Sara and thank you Thailand. 

For me this is an unknown brand, so I am really excited to research it a bit and try it on very soon. For now… here are some pictures of the beautiful marbly polishes.

PS: don’t you just love the name of the polishes: Mystique Potion! I know I do.

This golden beauty really excites me. Can’t wait for it to glam up my nails! 


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