From an Australian Friend

I have been away from blogging for quite some time now. For several reasons. Mostly because I have been busy with my thesis and a re-take exam I had to hand in last week, but also I have been quite under the weather for now 8 days. I’m better now, but nail polish has been as far away from me as possible, because the smell made me feel really bad.

I have a lot of posts coming for you soon. Pictures are ready, but finding time for writing and reviewing is a bit more difficult.

Anyways.. I think I already waited too long with this particular post. This one makes me so happy!

Sunday I received a package that had been on its way for quite some time. Aaaall the way from Australia. Yes. Australia!
There’s a cute and happy story behind. And it is living proof that if you take your time to comment on others blogs not only do you make them happy – they might even make you happy!

When I commented on Kaz from Parisian Blue Sky’s blog (on this post) some time ago I was very surprised when she commented back on my blog telling me that she would send me Essence – Time for Romance, which was the polish I had been commenting on on her blog. On Sunday I got myself an even bigger surprise, when I opened the package and saw a sweet note from Kaz AND all in all 3 Essence polishes.

I am so thrilled! It’s not the polishes – well.. of course it is to some extent – but it is more the gesture! Such a nice thing to do. I should perhaps mention that Kaz and I did not know each other before I commented on her post that day.
What makes it even better is that I haven’t been able to find the Essence brand here in Denmark and now I already am the owner of 3!

This is a shout out to the blogger world out there. Make each other happy! Not necessarily by sending each other gifts, but just by being nice. It’s so much more fun to blog when people recognizes your work.

And here’s what Kaz sent me 🙂 I have tried them on one nail each, but my camera has been away on a little trip with my dad, so I don’t have swatches yet. They will be up soon too.

From left to right: Make it Golden, Time for Romance, Galactic Black

Kaz… Thank you once again for this very sincere gesture!

All my love



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