A Colourful Henna Party & A Nail Polished Wedding

I have been a buzy buzzzzy bee this past week. Busy, but with a lot of nail polish and with loads of fun to go with it.

Starting off Thursday with Henna party preperations for my friend, who was getting married. I briefly told you about this on the Facebook page of TFF. My dear friend Sara Maria got engaged to her amazing Jesper a couple of months ago. Sara Maria put me in charge of hair and make-up. Overwhelmed by the confidence she has in me and my nail polish skills – and frankly pretty nervous – I managed to make such a nice manicure for her wedding day.

I totally nailed this one! I have only once or twice polished anyone else’s nails before so I was afraid I would mess it up and make a fool of myself, but I didn’t. Phew. I want to show you the final manicure, but I can’t. Sara’s husband has the pictures on his camera and they are gone to Thailand for two weeks of honeymooning. So I guess we all have to be patient for the pictures. I do have a picture shot with my phone on the Monday before the wedding. We had a little “nail rehearsal” ceremony, so I did some different designs and she picked one. Which one? You’ll see in two weeks time. Ha!

Beside the bride’s nails I also did manicures on the bride’s mother (+ hair) and her mother-in-law. Two very sweet women who were so thankful for me taking my time to pimp up their nails. The pictures of these are also in Jesper’s camera 😦

Usually I always take tons of pictures at weddings and other special events, but that particular day I decided not to be behind my camera. I have realized that I tend to experience the event through the lens of my camera and then not really enjoy it to the fullest. I am not regretting not hiding behind my camera for this wedding! I had such a nice time and was witnessing so much love. And on top of that… I made so many new nice friends and had so many rewarding conversations. Couldn’t have been better.

My nails also caught the eye of many women at the wedding party. I loved them! I quickly became the “Nail Polish Lady” and “The Jewelry Lady” 😀 My design was so simple, yet so elegant.

Here are some pics:

The night before Sara and Jesper became husband and wife at Copenhagen Townhall and later celebrated with a reception in their sweet garden, my family and I threw Sara a party. A Henna Party. It actually started out as a joke, but then we kind of liked the idea of throwing a party. It was a kind of a bachelorette party, where Sara invited a bunch of her friends to witness the Henna ceremony. A night full of emotions, I must say. I’ll use another post to explain what a Henna Party is.

That night and the rest of the weekend our house was full of beautiful flowers received by friends and, Sara and Jesper. Look at these beauties.

I just want to finish off this long post about where I have been and what I have been doing (at least some of it – there’s a lot more to come) with a beautiful picture of the Henna Plate I made for Sara. I was so happy with and proud of the result. It was so beautiful!! I love when I get to be creative.

Here it is:

Ok ok, and just a few mood pictures from the Henna Party!




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