My First Correspondance About Nail Polish

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I had my first correspondance about nail polish with a company.

With all the different brands you see around town these days you can never be too sure about how the products are actually made.

When I bought 4 polishes from the brand Hot Makeup from the store Estetique yesterday I felt bad when I came home, because I had no clue whether or not the polishes were cruelty-free. That is, if the products, when being developed in the laboratory, were tested on animals or not.

So I quickly decided to write an e-mail to the head office of the brand and this morning when I checked my e-mails I had already received an answer. After a couple of e-mails back and forth between me and a very nice lady in their Customer Service department it seems that they are sure that their products are not tested on animals. Hurray for that!
However… when I asked more specifically into the details about their production she could not answer my questions. She did write me that they would take notes of my enquiry and report back on the further process.

I think… I hope (!) that I have started something positive here. I suggested that they put this kind of information – detailed information! – on their website and Facebook page. Not only is it the only responsible way to go about this matter, but also will it most definitely attract a larger clientele. I think she agreed.

Non-human animals (yes, people tend to forget that we are animals too!) have no chance of expressing themselves in any matter. That does not entitle us human beings to harrass them and neglect them their rights. I pity the people who can even think of using these poor creatures for beauty purposes. I’d rather not have any nail polishes at all than helping the cruel companies on their way. It is only recently that the importance of this matter has occured to me. I thank all the blogs around the internet for promoting cruelty-free products. You should too.  

On PETA’s webpage you can find a complete list of products that are tested on animals – and a list of products that are not tested on animals.  I try my best to stay within the latter list. I slip once in a while, but then I find a way to “punish” myself. E.g. not using the polish even though I have spent money on it or banning myself from buying polishes for limited time. I think it is of utmost importance that we all stand against cruelty to animals. They are living beings too.

I am looking forward to see Hot Makeup’s action in this regard. Will update when I know more.

That’s it for now. Back to work.


6 thoughts on “My First Correspondance About Nail Polish

  1. Bravo! I think it takes a strong sense of personal worth & cofidence (and I don’t mean big ego when I say that), to reach out to a company, discuss a meaniful cause in a polite way, and then act on it! You did all this without throowing any red paint! Great & well writen article.

    • Thanks a bunch for the most encouraging comment I’ve had so far, Karen! It is really nice to know that people are reading my blog, let alone agreeing on what I write. Being a polish enthusiast is so much more than having pretty nails!

  2. Good job on reaching out to the company listening to your conscience.
    You commented on one of my posts recently mentioning that you like the look of Essence Time For Romance. I have managed to pick up a another bottle of it today and would be happy to post it to you if you contact me via email with your address details. You”ll be pleased to know that Essence does not test on animals either:

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