Hot Makeup Cherry Berry

So I woke up and just had to try one of the polishes I bought yesterday (read post here) and this is what I went for.

This gorgeous shimmer pink totally Barbied me up today. Bad choice of name though. This has nothing to do with cherries, nor berries. It has tiny little white and silver shimmers in it and from afar it sometimes look at bit metallic. I like this one. I actually remember I had a Barbie, when I was a kid, with a dress exact this colour. Oh memories early in the morning.

When one fine day I get some stamping tools I am sure this will be a cute cute base! I have decided that I will treat myself to a kit when I have finished and handed in my thesis. Regular polishes are already taking up a lot of my free time. Oh well.. it’s what I do in between thesis work and actual work at the Agency. So I really like how this page has become my freak-out spot.

Aaaanyroads… I wanted to try on the blue one, but I thought that was a bit over the top for a day at my workplace. I’ll probably go for that one tonight.

This was an extremely easy polish to apply. No big hassle. On the pictures you see 3 coats + Sephora quick dry oil. The pictures are taken in different lights. No sun out yet here in Denmark, so I still have the sunlight to look forward to.

Edit: When I biked my way to work the sun came out for a split second. This is what I managed to catch with my mobile cam.


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