It Wasn’t Me

They just fell into my lap!

I didn’t do anything.
I didn’t fall in love in the store.
I didn’t take out my purse and pay for them.
I didn’t smilingly put them in my bag.
I didn’t full of excitement bike home like a maniac to try them on.

They were just sitting there on my desk begging to be tried on. So I did do that. I tried them on. Sigh.

I really do try to walk in a huge circle around stores I know for sure will keep me as a hostage until I buy something. I do. It just rarely works.

So this was the outcome:

In my excitement at the store I did not get to ask about the brand of this polish. I have seen it around stores before, but not in the blogosphere. I think it might be a Danish brand. I googled, but didn’t get much info about their policies on animal testing, so I wrote them an e-mail crossing my fingers for a good answer. Writing that e-mail kind of took off the top the excitement. Maybe that’ll teach me to do the research IN the store BEFORE buying. Why else would God have granted us smartphones, right? Thank you God for my smartphone. I’ll use it more, if that is what you are trying to teach me here.

I’ll be swatching these beauties throughout the week and I’ll probably start with the amazing blue hex glitter polish. Just gotta find a matching base first. Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “It Wasn’t Me

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