Classics Glamour Nail Lacquer – Red

When I got this polish (see post here) I was over the top with the colour. It looked so gorgeous in the bottle, so I was anxious to try it on. And man, it did NOT disappoint me. I really like this beautiful classic red shade, which was surprisingly easy to apply. Here is only two coats. More pictures after the jump. 

I was very excited about the outcome for a couple of hours. Then it started to chip off so it really didn’t look that nice anymore 😦 And that was only a couple of hours after application.

I did not use any topcoat on this one and that is why I will give it another chance soon to prove itself to me.

Nevertheless… I love it’s bottle! It’s very cute and feminine somehow. And the grip is also pretty good. Makes it easier to apply, I guess.

After a lot of googling I finally found that this is actually a cruelty-free and vegan polish. Yay for that!

In my google search I stumbled upon this awesome blog: Vegan Claws, which is run by Jo who ONLY – without exceptions – use cruelty-free and vegan polishes. Go check it out. I think she’s doing an amazing job and her resources and references are all there to be viewed. Very well-documented!

Click pictures for bigger size.


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