New Nail Design

I have had some very busy days lately and haven’t really been able to post so much.

My weekend was extremely really busy. Friday I went out with a friend and had a cosy time in the Danish Summer (sun, rain, sun, rain, sun…. rain and then sun) and Saturday I spent most of the day on thesis work and planning my friends’ henna party. So exciting! In between thesis work and party planning I finally got to make a design. I think I did really good this time! What do you think? More pictures after the jump. It’s not flawless, but it looks so awesome on my hands, so again I am struck by the Staring-at-My-Hands-Constantly Syndrome. I like when my nails are pretty. Makes me happy! My cuticle on the middlefinger is almost back to normal again – at least it’s not disgusting to look at anymore. I pampered it a lot with oil and handcreme. Works!

Saturday I also had my cousin from Sweden visiting. She was over the top with my nail polish jewelry and bought… well… lets not put a number on how much she bought 😀 In spite of family discount you overdid it! Suzi, you are one crazy girl! 😀

Sunday I had to go to the airport to pick up two young Turkish people, who were visiting Denmark for a Rotary Club Summer Exchange Program. I had never met them before, so I felt very important standing there with my sign held high smiling like a crazy person. They finally arrived and found me after 2,5 hours in the airport! Exhausting, but totally worth it. These two youngsters were amazing people and so thankful for me picking them up and helping them in their first hours in Copenhagen. On our way to the Rotary Club they entertained a lot. A lot of laughs and smiles were shared – as well as the exchange of phone numbers and a promise that I’d show them around Copenhagen another day.

All in all a pretty nice experience.

After that, I was supposed to go back to working on my thesis, but I was so exhausted that I ended up on the couch watching a lot of Fraiser. Friends used to be my all time favourite show, then The Office caught up on it, then Parks and Recreation, but no… Fraiser is such an intelligent comedy show! Beats each and everyone of them.
Later we had some guests over. My mom’s cousin and her two – very noisy – kids. Around midnight I called it a day and collapsed in bed.

Good weekend though! And nice outcomes. See them below.


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