FNUG Tote Bag

I have showed you the Danish brand FNUG once before (It Bag) Here it is again!

I really like this polish. It is perfect for subtle, but beautiful and elegant nails. When you do your thesis work in collaboration with a big company with a corporate dress-code it is limited how far you can push the boundaries. Sadly! However, I very subtly try to do it once in a while anyways. No scoldings yet. Today I felt very corporate.

On the pictures you see two coats of FNUG Tote Bag + Sephora’s quick dry oil (review coming up soon!).

My fingers are yummy today! ❤

BUT! I am indeed very sorry to show you my middlefinger. It is really not that nice looking at the moment. I had a small knife accident. Note to self: use scissors instead of knives!
I tried taking pictures with my left hand, but the result wasn’t good enough for me to show you – too many blurry pictures.
Here are the ones I shot:

If you want to see more beautiful FNUG polishes you can see the collections on FNUG’s webpage.

Back to writing!


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