Bling Bling on my Feet

Yesterday was such a nice day.

It was a very productive thesis-day, but at the same time also very cozy. Lots of writing and lots of transcribing. Sigh. How I hate those transcribing days.

As a small reward I bought these babies:

179 DKK in H&M. Aren’t they just beautiful? I wanted to buy them in black, but they were sold out. I wasn’t sure if I liked this colour until I put them on. And bang! Magic! They look so nice on my feet. YAY!
I was a bit afraid that the bling would look too much on my feet, but the bling to foot ratio seems to be just about the right.

I had stopped buying shoes from H&M a year ago, because of the lack of quality and because I’m in between a size 37 and 38 and the H&M shoes never seemed to fit. These seem to be pretty comfortable – the fact that there is a little heel on it makes it so much more comfortable than all the H&M ballerinas i have in my closet that are all totally flat. I try not to buy them anymore.  These ones are a size 37 and they fit perfectly. Later I’ll be going out hunting for the the black ones.

Later in the evening I had some friends invited over to meet my parents. Sara Maria and Jesper are getting married and we are all invited to the wedding. My parents hadn’t met Jesper, so they had to meet and approve of the groom 😉 Btw, I’m going to be the hair-and-nails lady for the wedding!! More on that later. So exciting.

Alright.. Right now I have to get dressed – on my body and my nails 😉 – and go for an interview for my thesis. Means more transcribing for me – but all’s good; this one’s going to be pretty interesting!

Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy S3. Awesome camera!


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