Sephora Express Nail Polish Remover

Alright. As promised here comes a review of THE awesomest product of 2012 so far. I am so phyched out about this one that I tell everyone I see about it.
I bought it for cheap money. Only 70 DKK, which is a bit less than 10€ and a bit over 10$. I really do not think my money could have been more well spent than on this product. You might think that 70 DKK is a lot for nail polish remover, as you can get them cheaper in supermarkets or in mainstream stores, but the time and effort you save on this one is worth every single penny (or øre, as they are called in Danish).

I love putting on polish, but I hate removing it. I think this is a general perception among polish enthusiasts. Right? If you agree then go spend your money on this Sephora product.

Here’s what you do:

1. Take off the lid on the container
2. Stick in your finger
3. Twist it around 2-3 times
4. Look at your nail polish free fingers!

This is so efficient!

When I first bought it I was sceptic, because I wasn’t sure if it would work properly. I was worries it would leave some of the polish on my nails after having done nr. 3 over and over again. But believe me, it takes me only 2-3 twists until my nail (including cuticles!) is totally clean.

What is even better, is the feeling afterwards. Normally when I use nail polish remover I tend to get very dry fingers. With Sephora’s Express remover this just didn’t happen. I used this product a lot yesterday when I was trying out my striping tape. I must have used it at least 5 times, but not even once did my hands get uncomfortable. I always wash my hands before a new layer of polish, but when using normal nail polish remover the dry feeling stays there even after a wash.

Sephora’s magic even removes glitter and shimmer polishes just as easily. Maybe one or two twists more are required, but it is so much easier than using regular nail polish remover.

This product deserves a standing ovation. Please join me!

Check this video out on Youtube if you want to see the magic in action. I don’t know why the girl in the movie is twisting so much. My polishes are off after only a couple of twists. And it doesn’t leave polish on the cuticles.
Oh.. and perhaps mute the video. I did, because that song drives me crazy. It’s so dumb!


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