No Designs Yet – Just a lot of Express Removal!

My weekend has been really great and really bad.

It started out with the celebrations of my beautiful sister who turned 22 on Saturday. 22! Sigh. I never feel “old” when I have a birthday, but I tend to feel a tiny little pinch in my stomach when other’s turn a year older. Oh well…
The celebration was a success! My sister loved her cake, her presents and her party. What else could you ask for than a happy sis? Not much!
I was totally in charge of the cake and spent most of my early afternoon on making it. To be very frank I NAILED IT!! 

This was by far the (!) best cake I have made so far. I have 5 people in my family turning a year older every year, so I have had my practice too – the results are starting to show off.
If you haven’t already seen it on Facebook here is the result of all the love and effort spent on Saturday:

All of this fun fun fun was BEFORE I decided to kick kick kick my sister’s bed’s ass and broke my toe :-/ Yup, I broke my toe. But there’s nothing to do about a broken toe, so I’m just walking on my left heel waiting for it to heal all by itself.
Saturday evening, when the accident happened, I did not really notice how much it hurt, but when I woke up Sunday I could barely get to the bathroom without help from my brother and his shoulder. I have such a nice family! 🙂

So not being able to move kind of meant that I had all the time I wanted (besides my thesis-time) to try out my newly purchased striping tape (click to see post).
Man oh man, this is really difficult stuff! Besides a very steady hand it requires a hell of a lot of patience.

I picked out a bunch of colour combinations and did 2-3 designs. You have probably seen them on Facebook. I was not satisfied with any of the results. This need much more practice. So no more pictures before they are presentable.

All the design disappointenments required a lot of removing nail polish, so I finally got to really use my Express Nail Polish Remover from Sephora that I bought the other day (S-euphoria). A review of this amazing product will be up later today. Just gotta get home and write it – minor detail.

Back to work after this quick post.


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