Sunny Sunny Shopping Day

Today was a good day!

When a post starts like that I can assure you that it is one happy gal writing 🙂

The outcome of my thesis meeting this morning was over all expectations. Great stuff! And as I predicted, my nails DID get a glance or two – AND my nail polish ring also got some attention. Makes me so happy when people notice!

Afterwards I went to work, but the Agency was more or less dead. Not much to do, not even e-mails to answer (usually there always are!). So I decided to take off early after having finished my tasks and go have lunch with my friend Julie. Bagels in the sun with the Copenhagenesque setting of Nyhavn in the background and a good friend to keep you company is just so much more fun than than eating your bagel in a boring office.

Not knowing what else to pursue we took a stroll down Copenhagen’s shopping street, Strøget (don’t even bother pronouncing that – you probably can’t ;-)).

As I had been wanting a new topcoat for my nails for weeks (Sally Hansen Topcoat) we decided to go to Illum and see what they had there. I remember a girl here at that exact blogpost recommended a brand named Sephora, so we set out to test!

In we went and oooooh my, there it was, probably 300 m2 of Sephora everywhere!!! I didn’t take a picture, but I definitely will go there again to shop – and take pictures!

I spent almost an hour with Julie in there putting on polishes, removing polishes, putting on polishes, removing polishes and putting on some more 😀 Lots of fun! At one point Julie had to leave and meet her mom, so I was left there alone. I spent one and a half hour more alone there just walking up and down the lines of make-up and nail polish. What a wonderful feeling just walking there without thinking about thesis. Sigh.

I had never heard about Sephora before, but the woman in the shop told us it was a French brand and that they were currently expanding to the Scandinavian markets. Woho for that! The best part is… their prices are totally student-friendly. Although I did spend a bit more than planned I am totally satisfied with the outcome.

After that I went to Matas and bought a roll-on deo with Pomegranate and fish oil capsules. This I was recommended by another friend, because I had felt so tired lately. B vitamins, fish oil and SUN! I really hope that’ll do the trick.

As the icing of the cake me and my better half met up to take a bike ride down the sunny beaches in Copenhagen. Lots of people outside! All in all we biked 30km. Bagel and ice cream – also totally evaporated!

Today was such a perfect day! Tomorrow, however, will be all about thesis writing.

Alright.. so I will review each and everyone of the products I bought, but I just had to show them off and share my excitement for the brand. From Sephora I bought: Nail Buffer, Express Nail Polish Remover (this one is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!! And totally “express”!), Precision Nail Polish Corrector Pen, Express Drying Oil and two polishes.

Makes me smell so good you wanna eat me. At least that’s what I’d like to think 😉 

C’mon, give me some e-n-e-r-g-y fishy fish!

Do you remember to buffer your nails? It makes them more even. 

This is THE most awesome nail product I have seen so far. I was so excited about it in the store and can’t wait to try it in a few minutes. 

Correction pen. Very useful! Note to self: NEVER leave your pen or nail polish remover in the sun. It evaporates. Not kidding! 

This little fella also totally rocked my world! It comes with a pipette, which makes it really easy to drop one or two drops of oil onto your nails. 1 minute after you have a completely dried manicure. ❤

Two golden Sephora beauties

PS: Sephora – as far as I could read from the internet – is a cruelty free brand. Anyone knows anything? Please share.
PPS: I also bought a running tee. It was on sale! And I needed one. There – justified.


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