Striping Tape

When I came home later today I found a package in the mailbox!! Last week I ordered some striping tape from eBay for naildesigns – it took 5 days to get delivered from the UK! Talk about efficiency, eh?

Look at these colourful things! How can you not get excited? I know I am really excited about making designs with striping tape. I have always (always and always – the few times I have actually made any) used office tape for my designs. I wonder if this is going to be easier and less messy.

Now I am just waiting for the weekend to arrive. I’ve got a super busy week with thesis meetings, thesis reading, thesis writing and regular work. Sigh. But it’s going to be awesome! I just put on my manicure for tomorrow, where I have an interview with an employee for my master’s thesis and boy, is she going to be all jealous of my pretty pretty glam-glam nails.

I can’t reveal anything yet, other than it is plain awesomity! This polish reminds me so much of my aunt – she used to wear these sophisticated polishes for work meetings.

Tune back tomorrow to see the polish 😉 I love when you read my blog!


2 thoughts on “Striping Tape

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