OPI DS Coronation

I haven’t blogged the whole weekend, because of 1) I was having my cousin visiting from afar and 2) because I have been on antibiotics and the smell of nail polish made me want to vomit all over my nails. Haha, sorry for that image! I’m still on the drugs and still not feeling totally well, but I am slowly recovering and getting back on track. Yesterday I even went for a run. But my oh my, how I felt the medicine killing my body! I could only run 4 kms and with the worst time possible. Sigh.

Anyways.. I’m back! And so are the polishes!

This morning I put on this gorgeous – I found out – polish from OPI’s designer collection. It’s called Coronation. I didn’t like the name. Until I looked it up and saw that it meant “crowning”. It should’ve been Disco Coronation!!

When I first put it on I was disappointed and sad, because it looked so awesome in the bottle. It has these tiiiny little shimmers in all the colours of the rainbow and I thought to myself “hey, that’s gonna pimp up my nails so badly!”. Boy, how I was wrong.

…was what I thought…


I was on my bike on my way to work and I noticed the sun shine on my hands. In a matter of seconds I dramatically stopped the bike, held my hands in front of my face and got SO psyched that I whined.. just a bit ūüėÄ And then I was one big smiley riding my bike the last 10 kms.

AAAAAAARGH!!! I so love this one. I could not take my eyes of my nails the whole day – literally! On my way to work, at work, at lunch, at the library, eating an ice cream in the Summer-y weather, biking home, writing this post! My eyes have been glued to my hands. They are so shiny! I feel like a dog attracted by shiny stuff.

This is such a gorgeous polish! Go buy it if you don’t have it! I promise you won’t regret. And then go out in the sun to show it off.

When I came home I immediately took some pictures in the sun to get all the shimmers. I did my best, but I still don’t think the pictures justifies the awesomeness of this awesomely awesome polish!

A few mood-pictures from the weekend that included lots of walking, an IKEA trip, McDonald’s, Star Wars impressions¬†and a lot of laughing:¬†

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