Crazy Polish Lady

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and boy did I get superstitious by all the small incidents I had throughout the day :-/ It was a workday from 9-5 like any other workday, but it felt SO long and everything went SO wrong: me almost getting run over by cars THREE times, me biking into a lady who could really not control her own bike, me going berserk over my non-obidient computer at work. All I could think of all day was that I was meeting up with this girl who was selling out her beauty salon equipment, including nail polish. Apparently this girl texted me in the morning telling me to meet her at a train station at 10am, but I only got the text one hour later. This meant that I biked like a crazy woman to the train station she was waiting at. And that, my friend, is no less than 7 km! I know, Denmark is flat, but when it comes to biking that fast and determined I was pretty flat myself after that trip. Got the polishes. Biked 7 km back to work.

Anyways… at the end of the day this girl was a happy girl! These were a total steal!

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The result (from left to right): DS Coronation, 18K Ginza Gold, Untitled, Electric Eel and My Private Jet ♥


2 thoughts on “Crazy Polish Lady

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