Rumour travels fast…


Oh boy. I guess you cannot run away from your past. Ha.

I’ve had quite a few social gatherings at work lately and on several occasions the existence of this blog came up. I was wondering why my view stats were going crazy. There you have it. Curious colleagues. Welcome to my blog, curious colleagues 😉

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A couple of weeks ago I did this awesome manicure for a team building day with my work colleagues. It was a day full of great fun, one task of the day being creating a 3 minutes long film explaining what it is we do in our department. 3 hours! That was how long we had to shoot, edit and finish up the movie. Loads of fun, but a bit stressy too, I must admit.

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Oooh Olga!

I just looked back at my blogging history and my last post was in… January! I can’t believe it’s been so long.

The blog was always on my mind, but somehow I just didn’t feel like posting anything. I think it might have to do with the fact that my life has completely changed over the past months.

I graduated. I still feel very much in love. Very. I got engaged. I got a job – a dream job even. I had a great summer – heck, I had a great year so far! I have a stash that has grown tremendously. I still love my fingertips. I had new people in my life. I had old people leaving. I have had old people staying in my life making it as awesome as ever. I had lots of chocolate. Lots! I have had cake. Delicious ones! I have travelled quite a bit. I have learned Pythagoras’ sentence in Spanish. I have spent time with family. I have read books. I have painted. I have… swum? Is that ‘swim’ in past tense? I have enjoyed the sun. I have met awesome colleagues at my awesome workplace. And… I am running out of I’s.

To conclude. I’ve had a wonderful time while being away from the blog. And I promise, so have my fingertips. A bit neglected in the Turkish summer and saltwater yet still enjoying the shizz out of themselves!

Now I’m back. And it feels weird. But I think I need to get back here. Life’s starting to get serious again and where to turn to when that happens? My precious corner of the Internet.
Like last time… no promises. I might blog daily. I might blog weekly… I might not blog for 35 days, but I’m here. And so is the Facebook account. Watched the whole thing and laughed crazy hard. Then I watched it again. Ha!

For now… Ooooh Olga!

2012 in Review

I started blogging 14/7-2012. Compared to many other blogs out there I am… well… an infant.

My year (5 months) in review looks like this:

As WordPress put it: The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2012. If it were a Dreamliner, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

Yay! So I’ve made 7 trips in 5 months. I guess that’s alright.

In those 5 months I’ve posted 43 new posts and uploaded 356 pictures. That’s 7 pictures a week. Whoa.

My busiest day was August 7 with 70 unique viewers. Phew. I feel blessed that people take their time to watch my stuff, let alone liking it =)

Just how I like it, my guests comes from a wide range of countries, making my blog international, just like myself. 64 different countries. Whoa! Most visitors came from Denmark, USA and Norway. I guess some of my friends have a hand in that. Thank you! You know who you are 😉

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and sharing my crazy hobby.

Hoping for even greater stats in 2013 🙂

I’ll let you off with a tune from The Tallest Man on Earth, who is, frankly, not that tall. Ha!

Bye bye 2012! I don’t think I will miss you that much…

2012 came and went.

When looking back on the past year it is with mixed feelings. The year brought with it a lot of hospital visits for me, my friends and my family. Way too many hospital visits in one year. 2013 can only be better than 2012, so that is what I am counting on! I can feel that this is MY year. I will be handing in my infamous thesis in some weeks, which already makes the start of the year fabulous. I can’t wait to get it out of my life, let alone get ON with my life. That being said, 2012 was also the year that I started this blog and the new hobby (obsession!) with nail polish. It’s a brand new world for me and I’ve only been part of it for a couple of months, but I already feel a big part of it and I have met so many great people with the same crazy hobby as me. 2013 will be good!

December 2012 brought a long with it a lot of gifts from friends and family. Below is what was added to my stash the last month of the year last year.

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Starry Night and Late Night Snow

Last week I made this amazing manicure with my Navy Blue Nubar and Marry a Millionaire China Glaze. I wore it for 4 days and it looked so festive on my nails. I couldn’t stop looking at my nails. Unfortunately, as I wrote in my last post, I am in dire need of daylight. I tried (not that hard though) to take pictures in the morning, before the sun was out, but I only managed to get a couple of pics that I dare to show you. I really gotta get my hands on a light box soon, cause it’s driving me crazy being dependent on daylight. Especially when it’s so scarce here in the North.

I thought this mani should be named Starry Night, but my better half thought of Late Night Snow. I can’t decide, so it gets both.

With it listen to Sufjan’s soothing voice. I’m getting all Christmas-y, even though I think it’s still too early:

I also shot some with my mobile camera when I arrived at work. A little more light from the windows, but still not much to work with. Sigh.

Appologies for the dry cuticles. Disaster struck. I had forgotten my hand cream at a friend’s house O.o

You’ve Got Nail

My better half and I celebrated four years of awesomeness last week. What did I get? Polish! I was over the top when I saw the little shop full of OPI located in the heart of beautiful Copenhagen. I hadn’t been there before even though I know my way around the polish world in Copenhagen.

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One Nubar, Two Nubars, Three Nubars, Four Nubars…

So I finally got myself a Nubar or two… or ten.

I’ve been wanting to try this incredibly nice brand out for long, but being on the buying-streek I am in, I was waiting for a sale. helped me out! (keep reading) Continue reading

Wanted: Daylight!

I haven’t been posting for quite a while for two reasons. Limited time on my hands and… missing daylight!

The downside of living in Scandinavia in the winter months are that you more or less live in darkness. When I wake up and go to work or to uni it is dark outside, so I can’t take pictures in the morning anymore like I used to do. When I get back home in the evening it is dark (already around 4pm!). So it is the lack of daylight that is to be blamed for my silence :-/ Artificial light is just not doing the trick for me.

I’ve been watching videos on how to build my own lightbox and it seems to be really easy. I just haven’t had the time to get around it and I foresee that I won’t have that kind of time anytime in the nearest future. So until then you will be stuck with bottle pictures and jewelry pictures now and then.

Any good ideas about or experiences about lightboxes are highly appreciated!

PS: Btw, you can follow me and The Fingertip Factory on Instagram now. I’m called deryatff! Every new follow makes me smile 🙂